10.08.2003 - Sudoeste Festival - Odemira, Portugal

Fan photos: Photos by Diana
(many thanks for the pics :)

Fan comments: by Rokurose:
"Saw Moloko in Portugal in the summer of 2003, and have been in love ever since. Thanks for the great music and wonderful memories."

by alexia:
"I loved the concert in Sudoeste - Portugal. I danced all the time: They´re really great live... Keep on"

by Bololo:
"Estuvo inpresionante en Portugal, gracias a ese festival me he vuelto a enamorar. Ire a verla siempre que cante a menos de 1000Km. En Arhus (Dinamarca)se salio. Gracias

by liri:
"I was crying like a child while i was dancing. It was a strange moment full of happines.I was driving alone for 700 km to see Moloko in live. It will be always in my mind, in my eyes and in my soul."

by Diana:
"Love you love you love you!!! I had a great time... hope you did too!!
Have a nice sunshiny day, wherever you are!!
p.s. Portugal loves you deeply!!!"

Links: FestivalSudoeste.web.pt - the official website

pwp.netcabo.pt/dreams - photo of Moloko

Pbase.com/jprata - Roisin pics

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