05.06.2004 - Rock im Park - Nürnberg, Germany

Setlist: Familiar Feeling, Come On / Fun For Me, Day For Night, Cannot Contain This,
Pure Pleasure Seeker, The Time Is Now, Forever More,
Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?, Sing It Back
Caught In a Whisper/ Indigo
(Thanks to Andy for the setlist and review)

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Fan comments: by Andy:
A few technicalities concerning date and venue: at "Rock im Park" Moloko were on the festival bill for June 05, technically though the show took place after midnight in the early hours of June 06 (0.10 - 1.25 AM). The festival took place in the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. These grounds were built between 1933 and 1938. Most of the original, huge and monolithic buildings remain, some in ruins. The "Main Stage" of the festival was in the Zeppelinfeld, the main open air arena of the Rally Grounds. Moloko appeared on the "Alternastage" which was in a field right next to the Zeppelinfeld. Moloko topped the bill on the Alternastage and by my estimate their show was seen by approximately 20.000!

[Also this show should not be confused with the "Rock am Ring"-Festival which took place a day later at the Nuerburgring (the Nuerburg speedway) in the city of Nuerburg, which is several hundred kilometres north of Nuernberg. There Moloko were on the bill for June 06 and appeared early on June 07.]

A shortened festival set, but a great, great show. Among the acts appearing before Moloko were Phoenix from Paris, Starsailor and Ben Harper. There was some light rain, which stopped before Moloko's performance, and it was quite cold for June. This did not deter Róisín and the boys who put on a show for the ages. After the band had started the first song you could hear Róisín before she walked out on stage. She sang parts of the song "feeling ... feeling ... I'm on my way ... I'm on my way" and then appeared stage left. She wore a knee-length multicolored wide and flowing dress with thin halters and no sleeves, fake fur around her neck, red-metallic high-heeled pumps and a silver US army helmet. She gave a military salute at the centre of the stage and went right into the song! She's worn the helmet before of course, but on this very day (the 60th anniversary of the invasion of US and British troops in France) and in this place (which was built by the regime that was brought down as a result of the invasion) it took on a special, airy significance. I don't know if the band were even aware of this, because after the first song Róisín said "Where the fuck are we? We waited ten hours!"

For "Come On" she took off the helmet and for part of the song she wore large, round shades. At one point she draped herself across her stage monitors, bent backwards towards the audience and kicked one leg in the air, which sent her shoe flying into the pit in front of the stage. A stage hand quickly brought it back, while Róisín limped to the front of the stage. During the coda of the song she also took off the fur even though it was so cold that you could see her breath, steaming in the cold air. After the song Róisín again referred to the fact that they had spent the entire afternoon and evening at the venue: "We waited ten hours to play for you!"

The great "Fun For Me" and the quieter "Day For Night" followed. In comparison with the concerts at the start of the tour in the spring of last year the shows these days are even more extravagant and outgoing, with Róisín cleverly using props and costume changes to accentuate the content of the songs. With this show she proofed again and again that she simply is the greatest singer and performer of her generation. She's got that rare quality of the greatest singers like, say Billie Holiday who can sing whatever they want it always comes out sounding totally original. You can discern the influences, but it's always totally Róisín. The band is exactly that - a great BAND, not just backing musicians, with Eddie of course very prominently deepening the mood of the songs and the great Mark Brydon pumping out the rhythms on bass. The setlist is now made up of songs from all four albums, which is nice, too.

For "Cannot Contain This" Róisín wrapped a chain of lights (looked like a glowing garden hose) all around her until she was "contained" as if in a straight-jacket.

Before "Pure Pleasure Seeker" she enquired if we loved "dirty bitches", kicked off her shoes at stage right, sat down and started to put on her already legendary dominatrix outfit - knee-high, high-heeled black leather boots that an assisstant threw from the wings and a black leather visor cap. During the song she again bent over backwards across her monitors, kicked her legs in the air waving her cap around and also goose-stepped across the stage. All that was missing was a whip. Maybe next time ;) After the song she said "This is quite an exercise, I hope you'll give some of it back now" and then "Do you know what time it is? The time is always now!" "Time" followed. At one point Róisín carefully stepped down a steep flight of metal stairs at stage right that led to the pit in front of the stage. She then climbed on the rail in front of the audience and sang her heart out while seemingly riding on the sea of people below her. For many this was the highlight of the show. Róisín in complete command of the huge crowd, many of whom had come over from the main stage, where the programme ended before Moloko's performance.

Next Róisín sang some lines unaccompanied: "anybody ... to love me ... to love me". "Forever More" started and at stage right her assisstant handed her a big bunch of red roses in a white wrap. During the song she tore off the heads of several of the roses and showered herself and the stage with the petals. She then bit off one head and spit the petal leaves into her microphone. During the course of the song she literally hugged the roses to bits and threw them around as if in a desperate rage until the stage was strewn with the remains of the flowers. Eddie stood on the keyboard of the organ at one point during the song.

Róisín then asked "Do You Like My Tight Sweater?": "Where Is The What (...)" followed with Róisín wearing a golden kimono with orange lining. At the start of the song Róisín stood on a box stage right - just like a statue. A sensual, dark and moody performance.

"Sing It Back" was next. Róisín wore a light and shining hooded cape for this. For part of the song she also put the helmet back on. The song was presented in the long version also played earlier on the tour. Eddie sang the vocoder parts. During the second half of the song Róisín again climbed on the rail down in the pit and held the microphone in front of the crowd who sang along to the chorus.

A short pause followed, Róisín left the stage, Mark took photographs of the huge crowd. Róisín reappeared in a tight, colourful, shining dress, still wearing the black boots, and also a mask with long feathers along the top and sides. She smoked a cigarette and started the great "Caught In A Whisper", her big voice filling the entire space all across the wide field. Gave you the chills! This segued into "Indigo" which turned into a monster of a performance, Róisín even went over to Dave de Rose who then sang the "collossus" part of the chorus. Dave Cooke stood at the edge of the stage one leg raised, foot on a stage monitor. Róisín went over to him and swung one leg over his as the band turned the song into a gigantic maelstrom of sound. Róisín was then led down the steps into the pit, took off the mask, again climbed on the rail and jumped into the audience twice. Floating on the fans' outstretched hands she was pulled back into the pit by her minders. After her second jump she disappeared completely, but reappeared quickly, again floating above the crowd. After that she stood on the rail for the rest of the song headbanging like crazy, letting the roar of the band and the energy of the audience flow through her. A mesmerizing sight. She got back up on the stage after that: "It's time to thank the band!" Mark and Dave de Rose took photos of the other members of the band, the crowd and Róisín in front of the audience. Róisín introduced the band. And with the words "I'm Róisín Murphy" it was over, she and Dave de Rose disappeared to the right, the rest of the band exited left. The last thing you could see before the roadies started to pack up all the gear was a guy emerging from the pit. He walked up the metal steps and carried Róisín's discarded mask.

  Rock-Im-Park.com - the official festival website
"Als durchgeknallter Paradiesvogel flattert Roisin Murphy, Sängerin von Moloko, zu später Stunde auf die Alternastage. Ihr schrilles Outfit erinnert ein wenig an eine Bordsteinschwalbe: Franzenkleid, Netzstrümpfe, Fuchsschwanzumhang. Auf dem Kopf trägt sie dazu einen silber-glänzenden Stahlhelm.
Wenn Mark Brydon mit seinen Keyboards und Computern die elektronischen Sounds startet, scheinen Blitze durch den Körper von Roisin Murphy zu zucken. Wenn jemand unter Strom steht, dann diese Dame. Daran hat schon nach wenigen Minuten niemand mehr im Publikum auch nur den geringsten Zweifel. Die Party kann beginnen!"
Text and foto: www.rock-im-park.com

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