15.08.03 - Markt Rock - Leuven, Belgium

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Fan comments: by Sven Hapers:
"I just came back from Marktrock in Leuven where Moloko finished the 3 day festival. I missed them two times this year in Belgium so I had to see the now. It was definitely worth the wait. THEY WERE AMAZING !! Roisin walked on stage in a big cape with a bunch of flowers. The crowd was wild from starters and was dancing their feet off 'till the end. Setlist: Familiar Feeling, 100%, Come On, Fun For Me, I Want You, Blow X Blow, The Time Is Now, Pure Pleasure Seeker, The Only Ones, Cannot Contain This, Forever More, Sing It Back. Maybe the list is a mixed up in the middle, but these songs were definitely played..."
(many thanks for your comments and the setlist)

by Gitte:
"Waaw! MOLOKO> the best thing I've ever seen. how should I say it... we danced oure asses off. Keep up the good work! And come back to belgium soon!"

by fluzzy:
"I'll never forget Markt Rock 2003 (Belgium, 15.08), thanks to Moloko.
It was just fantastic, WAAUW!! Hope to see them soon again!"

by Ragna:
"Loved every bit of the performance: the music, the dancing and especially the shoes!"

by Ivan B:
"The Marktrock-concert was fabulous: Roisin and the band were in perfect shape, and she has the talent of making a crowd of 13.000 (officially) quiet or dancing their feet off when she wants it!! Roisin's great looks and voice grabbed me by the throat, like she always does!"

by Joe_te:
"Hey all,
I think Moloko really was the band of the year in Belgium!I can hardly wait to see them in Vorst National on the first of november!Be prepared for one of the best gigs ever!!!!!"

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