Molokoids Meeting
London, July 2002

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The 1st meeting:
McKae, Vio, LadyB and Robber The 1st meeting:
Robber and Walt The 1st meeting:
LadyB and Rob The 1st meeting:
Damien, Al, Karina, McKae The 1st meeting:
Nicola, Vio, Karina, Brion
The 1st meeting:
Al and Buzz The 1st meeting:
Vio, Walt, Brion, Damien The 1st meeting:
Vio and Brion The 1st meeting:
Walt, Robber and Al with his camera The 2nd meeting:
Naughty Al
The 2nd meeting:
Furry and Andee The 2nd meeting:
Furry, Andee and McKae The 2nd meeting:
Robber and Al The 2nd meeting:
 VIO Herbal Club:
Al and Karina
Herbal Club:
Al and Karina Picnic in Kew Gardens:
Al and his camera Picnic in Kew Gardens:
Al Picnic in Kew Gardens:
Al, Karina, her map and Damien Warsaw:
Karina with the Moloko Platinum Album
(Gift from the Band)