The Sheffield duo Moloko is the fruit of Irish-born Roisin Murphy's bid to pick up Mark Brydon at a party (1994) do with the famous lines, "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body". Mark heard a melody in that and soon afterwards he and Roisin went to a studio to record an album.

Mark Brydon (England) worked in the music industry long before Moloko was born. He was the founder of the Fon Studios in Sheffield. He also produced Krush's House Arrest and remixed music by Eric B & Rakim.
Roisin Murphy (Ireland) was a newcomer to the music business.

The band's name is borrowed from Anthony Burgess' classic novel 'The Clockwork Orange', in which it means either 'milk' or 'method of narcotic indigestion'.

In 1995 the band recorded their first single titled 'Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?'. The same year they came out with their full-length debut named 'Do You Like My Tight Sweater?'. The album was sold in over 250,0000 copies worldwide.