20.05.2004 - Hermitage Gardens - Moscow, Russia

Setlist: Familiar Feeling, Absent Minded Friends, Day For Night, Come On / Fun For Me,
I Want You, Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?, Cannot Contain This,
Pure Pleasure Seeker, Time Is Now, Statues, 100%, Forever More, Sing It Back,
Being Is Bewildering, Blow by Blow, Indigo
(thanks to Remsy for the set list)

Fan photos: Photos by YOO (thanks to Remsy for the links :)
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Fan comments: by Andrey:
"Yes! It finally was.
Moloko were in Russia. Roisin were great. I adore her.
I was standing right in the first rank and saw her well. When she began to sing "baby come closer" (from "Come on") she started to reach out for public so that I even could touch her hand. I was excited. Moloko foreva! They set the evening on fire.
Even rain couldn't disturb the greatness of the show. Looking forward for comin' Moloko to Moscow once again. Thank you, Roisin and Moloko. You're the coolest band in the world."

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photos of Moloko
in Moscow

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Moloko live pics

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for the link :)

photos by Camusow

- MoscowOut.ru
- Izvestia.ru

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