22.11.2003 - Brixton Carling Academy - London, UK

Setlist: Familiar Feeling, I Want You, Absent Minded Friends, Day For Night, Come On,
Fun For Me, Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?, Cannot Contain This,
Pure Pleasure Seeker, Time Is Now, Statues, 100%, Forever More, Sing It Back,
Being Is Bewildering, Blow by Blow, Caught In A Whisper / Indigo

Fan photos: Pictures by
Laura Shakespeare

(many thanks
for the pics :)
Photos by
Richard Shakespeare

(many thanks for
the pictures :)

Photos by
Luke Murton

(many thanks
for the pics :)

Fan comments: by Luke:
"The Moloko concert at Brixton was amazing. I knew she'd be a bit of a nutter but never guessed she'd be such an eccentric! Who clearly had some obsessive compulsion to but stuff in her mouth- fan's underwear, roses, fan's fingers and various 'props' throughout the night. But hats off to her; note perfect, such energy, wacky but cool dancing and natural charisma.
Really glad I went. Tune of the night was The Time Is Now with full audience participation as she reached over into the crowd with the microhone she even held my hand amongst others.
Later in the night she returned to her favourite position at the front with the crowd and went all the way crowd surfing this time. As me and best friend Wendy were right at the front in middle we helped her on her way. Wendy (worryingly) copped a feel of Roisin's arse! Oh well heat of the moment and all I suppose. Still got my headless rose, after Roisin devoured the head and then threw it into the crowd on the night.
I'm glad this site liked my photos, I was really pleased with them.
But yeah top night. Support band were quite good too. Heard of Gus Gus before and just goes to show never judge a book by it's cover. The female vocalist wore some "net curtain drapes and turquoise swimsuit with gold leaves over genitalia" ensemble. The male vocalist looked like Hulk Hogan with Elton John's dress sense. But very entertaining all the same, my only worry was the rubber "fist" sex aid on the set... hmmmm..."
(thanks to Luke for nice review and gorgeous photos)

by Lody:
"Roisin's homecoming was amazing. She gave it everything and played about with some of the well known songs magnificently to perfection."
"Just when you think they cannot get any better-they do. Roisin was so energetic
and she had a voice smoother than cream."

by joao:
"what an amazing performance!! it was just amazing!!they played so well and everyone had great fun! this was the 3rd time that i went to a Moloko's concert and probably this one was the best!! the concert was filmed.. so i wonder if it's going to be released on DVD! cheers everyone! Joao, Lisbon"

by mauo:
"Just great! I came to Brixton from Sardinia Italy and it was terribly worth it!
Moloko played simply at their best and Roisin is such an amazing artist...
Beautiful and mesmerizing."

Links: Brixton-academy.co.uk - the Brixton Academy website

Moloko at Brixton
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