05.07.03 - Exit Festival - Novi Sad, Serbia

Familiar Feeling, Come On, Fun For Me, I Want You, Blow x Blow, The Time Is Now,
Pure Pleasure Seeker, The Only Ones, Cannot Contain This, Forever More, Sing It Back

Fan photos: Pictures by Masha
(thanks for the pics)
Photos by ivana
(thanks for the pictures)

Fan comments: by Maki:
"I was a director of TV crew which made shooting of Moloko's concerte on EXIT 03 (Novi Sad). That was the best live-shooting I ever made in my life and I'm very proud of that work and its result and... Moloko, of course!"

by Kalejac:
"It was a fantastic and memorable night. The gig was electric. Though they didn't play long (1h 20m), they kept all of us on our toes the whole time. PS The extended version of "Sing it Back", which was the last number of the concert, rokcs!!!"

by Stevan:
"It was the first big concert in my life. It was amasing. Roisin sings beatifuly. When they played Time is now I think 40.000 people were in some kind of trance. Thank you Moloko!"

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Wahwah.co.yu - Moloko at the press conference


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