16, 17.08.03 - V Festival - Chelmsford and Staffordshire, UK

Day 1 (Chelmsford): Familiar Feeling, Come On, Fun For Me, The Time Is Now,
Pure Pleasure Seeker, Cannot Contain This, Forever More, Sing It Back

Day 2 (Staffordshire): Familiar Feeling, Come On, The Time Is Now,
Pure Pleasure Seeker, Cannot Contain This, Forever More, Sing It Back

Fan photos: Moloko (day 2, 17.08) -
Weston Park, Staffordshire.
Pictures by Richard Shakespeare

(thanks for the pics and setlist)

Fan comments: by Emily:
"Have seen Moloko live twice now. Once in London, which was amazing. What a voice! and once at the V-festival. Thank you for the flower Roisin! The performance was stunning, although the sound quality wasn't great, but that was the same for all bands in the JJB tent. I don't normally go in for rock star obsession (let alone female ones), but seeing Roisin live in London has turned me back into a drivelling teenager. Not only does the music bear repeated listening, but Roisin definately has the certain something."

by Rich:
Recently returned from seeing them at V2003 - day 2 (17 Aug), Weston Park, Staffordshire.
"Well, what can I say? The crowd went wild! Amazing atmosphere in the tent and the energy and stage presence generated by Roisin and the rest prefectly matched it. Nothing like being in the middle of a few thousand people all screaming "The time is now!" in unison. This was my first Moloko gig, I hope future ones are just as good, definiely by best gig of the festival."

by Simon D:
"Wow, wow and double wow. I am still humming The Time Is Now under my breathe four days later. Thanks to Moloko for the best performance of the festival and an even bigger thanks to all the Molokoids who made the atmosphere in the JJB tent so electric. Roll on the next UK gigs!"

by Sarah Richards:
"We saw you at vfestival, what can i say, amazing, i actually cried."

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